What Does a Sikh Bride Wear?

Choosing the right attire for your wedding from the clothes to associated jewelry is important, as you want to look your best for your special day. Likewise, I spent a lot of time looking at various clothes apt for the various functions I would need to be part of, to become married.

So, what does a Sikh bride wear? A Sikh bride generally wears lehenga accompanied by some stylish shoes and jewelry which includes a full set, chura and a bindi. Some brides choose to wear a salwaar kameez or even a saree instead of a lehenga.

When I got married, it was quite stressful trying to find the right wedding clothing to wear as at the time, there wasn’t as much choice as there is now, especially on line. I did contemplate for a while whether it would make sense to travel to India, back to the Punjab where my family is from, to see if this would make the choice easier and possibly cheaper.

Fortunately, traveling to one of the cities where I live, with a large Indian population. I found some of the items I was looking for but they were far more expensive than I had expected. Especially compared to now-a-days when with the online options. But as I had no choice, I bought these items and they were worth every penny. The quality of the clothing was second to none.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available, along with details of the type of clothing I chose when I got married.


I have always wanted to wear a red colored lengha when I got married. I wanted to wear a dark color which suited my complexion but, also very much wanted to be a ‘traditional’ bride in my choice of color.

This lengha covered all my requirements. It was not too heavy but, at the same time it was heavily decorated for me to wear on my wedding day. I loved the feel of the material and the sari work and sequins was absolutely stunning. The great benefit of this was that this was semi stitched so I was able to get it stitched to my personal measurements.

This made the outfit a perfect fit and made me feel at my very best and extremely confident. The blouse was the right length for me as I didn’t want anything too revealing.

The contrasting color of the chunni was the added bonus as I didn’t want the whole outfit to be in one block color and the orange just added that extra something ‘special’. I received several compliments on the day so I know I had made the right choice.

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Salwar Kameez

This was another option which I was also considering purchasing for my big day. The color was spot on. It consisted of a complete outfit, kameez, salwar and the dupatta. The red salwar kameez is beautifully embellished and each item has been embellished adequately.

The top has an ideal neckline to showcase your necklace. It is beautifully adorned with gold thread work and stone work. The sleeves are long in georgette material. There is nothing plain about this outfit. Any bride will feel stunning on her big day.

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Saree’s are not really brides first choice these days. Having said that a saree can easily be worn at perhaps a registry marriage and thus giving a bride a wider choice of outfits. Vichitra silk saree with stone work. Beautiful old embroidery throughout.

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Short Jacket

This is a beautiful faux fur jacket which will be a great addition for any bride. Especially on the colder wedding months. It appears to be very soft and the fact its machine washable makes it a bonus.

Snap closures make is easy to put the jacket on and off. The collar can be changed to standing up or down. With side entry pockets, this makes it a stylish jacket to complete any brides attire.

Chura Set

I spent quite a lot of time in deciding the style and color of the chura set I actually wanted. Obviously my mums brothers bought this for me but, I wanted to give them an idea as to what I would like. This traditional red designer chura was easy to wear and had a lovely glossy finish.

The red color was just the right shade and the while thicker bangles added a little break in the solid color. Plus I could wear the bangles again on different occasions in the future. It was easy to wear for the whole day. Perfect addition to any bridal attire.

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Gold Bangle Set

I didn’t want my parents to spend a fortune on buying real gold kara’s or any other piece of 24ct gold jewelry for me and these days you can get some very stunning costume jewelry. Costume jewelry can look very realistic and costs fraction of the price.

These designer gold bangles came in a set of two. I ordered two sets and used one set per arm and I added them at the beginning and at the end of my chura set. I was easily able to combine this with my Chura giving me that outstanding look to my outfit I was looking for.

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Kiera (Kalire)

As with all brides, I wanted to keep to most of the traditions as possible. Especially when it came to my bridal attire. These covered the basis of being a traditional together with something a little different. These gold plated kalire hung beautifully from my Chura and with the little red flowers it complimented my lengha too.

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This was an amazing traditional set. It consisted of everything any bride could wear or need. From chocker style necklace, with longer length necklace, earrings which were a beautiful shape, tikka to name a few of the items.

Highly worth the investment and easy to wear. Items can be individually worn on other future occasions. I certainly felt outstanding and royal on my big day. Great addition to any bridal outfit.

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I didn’t really know the style or the size of the bindi I wanted to wear. So this was the ideal choice as it offered me 20 different multi colored, crystal bindi’s. Sizes varied from small to medium. I tried on a few different colors and sizes and was able to put them back on the sheet so that they never lost their stickiness and therefore I could use them several times on different occasions. The style of these bindi’s were great, and definitely suitable for a number of different occasions.

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I purchased this Sindoor in its traditional form of powder. A must for any bride on her big day. I was no exception. I ordered a pot of this as it can be used over and over again. Easy to apply and completed the bridal look perfectly.

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These sandals were just what I was looking for. I’m not used to wearing high heels and these offered the perfect size of heel without having to loose any style. The block heel and the ankle strap certainly made me feel secure and sturdy. The embellishment on the toe strap was just the right amount.

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When I was looking for a handbag to compliment my bridal attire I knew I didn’t want anything too big. This was a beautiful crystal clutch bag which was just the right size for the big day. Enough space for important items such as lipstick, little money, compact and mobile phone.

The rhinestones certainly added an additional sparkle to my outfit. It is always an advantage not to purchase accessories that you may only use once on your wedding day. This clutch bag would be used in future on several occasions. 

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These beautiful mehndi cones were presented in a lovely presentation box. The 12 cones were easy to use and the color came out quite dark. Each cone was premixed so there was no preparation required.

As with all mehndi, the longer you keep it on, the darker the color and these were no exception. All we had to do was cut the tip of the cone and start using them.

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